301 4 Way Nail Grinder 6pcs.

  • Superior quality sandpaper, long lasting
  • The flexible plastic core allows a stable and reliable to guide the nail
  • Perfect for natural nails, gel nails and acrylic nails
  • Water-resistant, washable and sanitizable



6 pcs.



  • Colors: blue/dark blue/pink/dark pink
  • Grit 220/220/280/320
  • Dimensiones 178x19x4mm


About Grits

80-100 extra-coarse to coarse, to shorten the nails and smooth the top layer.

100-180 coarse to medium, for preparation, casting or reduce them

180-240 medium to fine, smooth and retouch.

600-3000  extra fine, super fine to high shine finishing as granulation or polishing.

Grit is a term used in defining the coarseness or texture of abrasives;
grit is measured in numbers; a lower grit (fewer grit particles per square
inch) is more coarse.

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